Nadia learned retail skills at the Sharing Center of Central Brevard

Nadia at the Sharing Center of Central Brevard

When Nadia entered Eastern Florida State College in September, she knew exactly what she wanted to study – Library Science. But the freshman had no clue as to how to get a job. That all changed when she discovered Brevard Achievement Center’s (BAC) Industry Readiness Training (IRT) program.

High school gave Nadia the basic reading, writing and arithmetic education she said. However, she quickly realized that she had no job skills.

“I told my Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) counselor that I was lost when it came to getting a job,” Nadia said. “Plus, I had no experience. Fortunately for me she recommended the IRT program.”

Nadia said the IRT program helps her grow to be a better employee. Also, she likes the fact that instructors give her open and honest feedback so she can improve where needed. In addition, Nadia said that she’s “happy” with the rules.

“The program is set up just like a real job,” Nadia said. “For instance, we get 30 minutes for lunch just like we were really working somewhere.”

Work experience via work “pods” at Perkins Restaurant, the Supply Zone for Teachers and the Sharing Center of Central Brevard have given her some work experience. And certifications in Blood Borne Pathogens and HazCom she feels make her stand out among other applicants with similar job experience, too.

“I definitely feel more confident,” she said. “Now I know I have what it takes to be a good employee.”