550+ Individuals with Disabilities Employed. 15 locations throughout the Southeast. 250+ Business served.

BAC has grown to a premier agency providing employment and empowerment programs designed to help more than 3,000 people with unique abilities annually achieve as much independence and personal success possible. Forging key corporate partnerships and working with the AbilityOne Program, the enterprise now offers employment opportunities to more than 600 people at federal contract sites across Florida, Puerto Rico, Virginia and North Carolina. BAC’s longstanding partnership with Brevard Public Schools allows BAC to reach out to students with disabilities to help them plan for the future. The commitment of BAC’s founders, parents, dedicated staff employees and numerous volunteers has played a critical role in the formation of its quality programs and services offered. This legacy of service and commitment is instilled in the organization and is seen each day in the many ways BAC serves its participants, business partners, customers, and families and ultimately its mission.

BAC’s dedicated team of professionals provides a comprehensive range of solutions designed to meet the specific needs of our military, government and commercial customers. We follow industry best practices to meet high quality standards across all of our contracts; we are one of only 250 companies nationwide CIMS-Green Building certified and one of the few to hold the CIMS-GB with Honors certification. From growing a performance work statement to better meet emerging needs to customizing our production line to serve new products, our teams are committed to providing the best possible support to our new and future customers.

Map of operations. AbilityOne Program 15 contracts served. 3 Respect of Florida employment contracts. 1,936 participants in employment training programs. 575,684 direct labor hours performed by individuals with disabilities 126 veterans employed. 308 total job placements. 522 employees with significant disabilities. </p>
<p>Site locations:<br />
Virigina - NASA's Langley Research Center.<br />
North Carolina - Fort Liberty.<br />
Florida - BAC Head Quaters, Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Department of Transportation, Hurlburt Field, Kennedy Space Center, Patrick Space Force Base, Pensacola Naval Air Station, Port Canaveral, Veterans Affairs Outpatient Clinic, Whiting Field Naval Air Station. </p>
<p>Puerto Rico - Fort Buchanan (San Juan).

AbilityOne® Program

We are a proud participating nonprofit within the AbilityOne program, which harnesses the purchasing power of the federal government to employ people who are blind or have significant disabilities across the US. Through AbilityOne, BAC provides best-value services for our federal customers while, employing hundreds of people with disabilities across contracts in Florida, North Carolina, Virginia and Puerto Rico. Offering competitive wages and excellent benefits, BAC’s AbilityOne careers empower our employees with disabilities to lead more productive and independent lives

63% of working-age people with disabilities do not have jobs.
According to SourceAmerica, 63% of working-age people with disabilities do not have jobs. With the help of our partners at One-Ability and Source America we are working to change the narrative. Through service excellence on our government and commercial contracts, Team BAC generates critical revenue that provides additional financial support for our own empowerment programs, which routinely experience funding shortfalls from traditional sources. This model allows every person who is part of BAC to have an active role in creating a more accessible, inclusive, positive world for people of all abilities. We are dedicated to building communities that support members of unique abilities in growing their own personal success.

Florida – 51.2 % of people with a disability in Florida are unemployed.

Virigina – 48.3 % of people with a disability in Virginia are unemployed.

North Carolina – 51.5 % of people with a disability in North Carolina are unemployed.

Find disability employment statistics for your state provided by Source America. We partner with Source America to create employment opportunities for people with disabilities, it’s important to consider each state’s unique needs.


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51.2% of people with a disability in Florida did not work.
48.3% of people with a disability did not work.
51.5% of people with a disability in North Carolina did not work.
Statistics provided by SourceAmerica.