Lines of Business

Rockets are launched. Soldiers are trained. Veterans are healed. Lives are changed. With a focus on service excellence, we bring our mission to life, while making our customer’s goals a priority.

BAC’s dedicated team of professionals provides a comprehensive range of solutions designed to meet the specific needs of our military, government and commercial customers. We follow industry best practices to meet high quality standards across all of our contracts; we are one of only 250 companies nationwide CIMS-Green Building certified and one of the few to hold the CIMS-GB with Honors certification.

From growing a performance work statement to better meet emerging needs to customizing our production line to serve new products, our teams are committed to providing the best possible support to our new and future customers.

AbilityOne® Program

We are a proud participating nonprofit within the AbilityOne program, which harnesses the purchasing power of the federal government to employ people who are blind or have significant disabilities across the US. Through AbilityOne, BAC provides best-value services for our federal customers while, employing hundreds of people with disabilities across contracts in Florida, North Carolina, Virginia and Puerto Rico. Offering competitive wages and excellent benefits, BAC’s AbilityOne careers empower our employees with disabilities to lead more productive and independent lives.

AbilityOne® Logo

Contact Center

Our Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) are the first point of contact for customers, helping troubleshoot and resolve beneficiary support, web service, and communications issues. Tier 1 Support (L1) is the initial support level or entry point that a customer will first reach every time they contact the customer support team. In a common customer service team setup, Tier 1 Support agents are expected to answer general and product-related questions and provide basic assistance for most of the customers’ concerns.


Customer Service Representative working at a call center.

Environmental Services

BAC’s professional environmental services teams perform the day-to-day operations necessary to keep more than 9.7 million square feet of facilities running smoothly. We are committed to exceeding standards while using safe, green technology, as evidenced by the many certifications we maintain including our CIMS-Green Building with Honors.

Because we support some of America’s finest military installations, the Kennedy Space Center, the VA and other facilities requiring high level security clearance, BAC employees possess the Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC®) and Top Secret Security Clearance credentials.

BAC Employee Cleaning School bathroom


Grounds Maintenance

BAC’s team of grounds professionals maintains over 7.6 million square feet annually! We have expertise in the following areas:

  • Live Grounds: Mowing, String Trimming, Edging, Blowing, Planting, Hedge Trimming, Weed Eradication, and Ground Leveling
  • Live Turf: Maintenance, Irrigation Maintenance and Repair, Sod Replacement, Turf Fertilization, Herbicide, and Insecticide Applications
  • Artificial Turf: Maintenance, Grooming and Debris Cleaning, Sanitation and Disinfection, Infill Replacement and Repairs
  • Game Day Field Preparations: Measurement and Lining of Fields for Game Play and Top Dressing Applications

With service contracts with the Department of Transportation, Military Installations, and Commerical Playing Fields our team has experience with a large assortment of grounds maintenance needs.

Male Employees in Bobcat doing Grounds

Food Services Operations

Since 1991, BAC’s team of experienced dining operations professionals have provided our military with award-winning service, including multiple USAF Hennessey Awards, while providing quality meals to more than 800 airmen a day and 24,500 people a month.

Our food service competencies include:

  • Complete food preparation and food service delivery
  • Administrative accounting
  • Quality assurance management
  • Budgetary support
  • Customer support
  • National Restaurant Association ServSafe accreditation
Cook using a Fryer


Commissary Operations

The BAC team provides full-service commissary operations at a number of military installations across the Southeast, processing more than 365,000 cases a month for commissary warehouses.

Our competencies include:

  • Shelf-stocking
  • Warehousing
  • Custodial services
BAC Employee Stocking Shelves

BAC Production Services

In addition to our work with the AbilityOne program, we also operate a production facility with extensive capabilities including full warehouse operations, EDI adherence, third-party logistics and are a registered USPS mailer/bulk mailer.


Light Assembly

Simple assembly jobs are the nuts and bolts of our Production Center. Our customers can count on our workforce to put quality first, ensuring products are assembled and delivered in a timely fashion. By supporting individuals with disabilities through meaningful production work helps to build a more inclusive community.
We perform:

  • Component and product assembly
  • Counting
  • Labeling
  • Measuring
  • Parts sorting
  • Weighing


Did you know that our in-house Production Center team packages over 17 million condoms a year for the Florida Department of Health? Through our RESPECT of FL contract, BAC employees package essential items such as hand sanitizer, exam gloves, and first aid kits.

BAC’s packaging services also include:

  • Customized kit assembly
  • Bulk repackaging
  • Heat sealing
  • Poly-bagging

Interested in ordering products? Contact Production Center Director,

Customized Services

As far as our team is concerned no two projects are the same. That’s why we welcome the opportunity to support businesses unique needs through a tailored approach.
We carefully listen to determine the specific needs and mission of our customers, then develop a customized plan that meets their expectations. Our team then works diligently to deliver a high-quality job that’s not only on-time, but on-budget.


Administrative Services

Our team handles highly sensitive document management needs for our government customers professionally and efficiently, allowing their employee teams to better focus on other critical community services.

Our multi-county, multi-location support includes:

  • Digitizing sensitive personal, historical medical records
  • Document cataloging
  • General document management