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“Today, I am thrilled to share a powerful Mission Moment story that embodies the heart and soul of our mission at BAC – providing innovative services and opportunities to individuals with disabilities for their personal success.” Stated Kathy Philips, Project Manager at BAC’s Ft. Liberty DoDEA contract location.  

Meet Adriana, who embarked on her journey with BAC on November 8, 2022, filled with excitement and enthusiasm for her first job ever. However, after just two days, Adriana walked out. Concerned about her well-being, Kathy reached out to her, leaving voicemails and finally connecting with her mother to understand the situation. “It just didn’t feel right, and I wanted to understand what went wrong.” Kathy continued.  

Adriana opened up about her struggles with fight or flight syndrome triggered by overwhelming situations. “She told me about how the supervisor on the day of training her saw how well she caught on and added another hall for her to clean. That was an additional 13 classrooms with restrooms. That triggered her.” With compassion and support, we worked together to find a better fit for her. Placed in another school, Adriana not only excelled but embraced opportunities to learn and grow. She became proficient in various roles, from floor technician to security procedures, showcasing her dedication and potential. “She learned to run the T5 scrub machine, the high-speed buffer, cimex carpet encapsulating machine, the rug doctor and was taught how to strip floors and lay wax.” Explained

Kathy, all transferable skills that are highly sought after.  

Despite setbacks, including a difficult period in July, including a plan to leave town altogether, Adriana demonstrated resilience. With the backing of her family and the BAC team, she sought professional medical help, taking a medical leave of absence and returned on August 21, 2023. Her journey to independence hit another roadblock just as she was about to move into her own place. “The upcoming week her parents were helping her to move.” Kathy explained “It would have been her first place on her own and this became another trigger, but she faced these challenges head-on” 

When a leadership position opened up, Adriana expressed interest. However, recognizing the importance of her mental well-being, she decided to withdraw from the interview. We supported her decision, emphasizing the value of her self-awareness and applauded her courage. Kathy went on to say “I told her I would like to place her on days working in the cafeteria. I would be checking to see how she does.”  

Understanding her strengths and challenges, Kathy offered Adriana the position in the cafeteria, ensuring a supportive environment. “I consulted with her mother, Tracy, who highlighted the progress Adriana had made through therapy.” With determination, Adriana worked in multiple schools, gaining valuable experience and confidence. 

On December 11, 2023, Adriana was promoted to the day lead, marking a significant milestone in her journey. “Today, as she navigates her second day in this role, Adriana envisions a future where she continues to grow, aspiring to become a supervisor.” A proud Kathy continued.  

Adriana’s story embodies the essence of BAC’s mission. It reflects our commitment to providing not only jobs but opportunities for personal development, resilience, and triumph. Kathy closed the conversation with a strong sentiment about the team at BAC with which she works, “I am grateful to have the privilege of working with such remarkable individuals at Ft. Liberty.”