Nik C and Jack G wiping counters at PSFB Riverside Dining Hall
Nik C and Jack G filling silverware at PSFB Riverside Dining Hall
Nik C and Jack G wiping tables at PSFB Riverside Dining Hall
Nik C and Jack G at PSFB Riverside Dining Hall
For over 50 years, the Brevard Achievement Center (BAC) has been at the forefront of a mission-centric, community-based approach, providing crucial services to individuals living with disabilities. One such inspiring success story is that of Nik, whose journey with BAC has not only transformed his professional life but also spilled over into newfound confidence in his social interactions.


Nik’s initial encounter with BAC came when he was referred by the United Way of Brevard for employment opportunities. However, challenges surfaced during job interviews, where Nik struggled with eye contact, lacked confidence, and faced difficulties in articulating his thoughts. Recognizing these hurdles, BAC stepped in to provide the support and guidance Nik needed.


The BAC team dove into action to understand Nik’s specific needs. Collaborating with a BAC job coach, Nik crafted a detailed plan that involved participation in part-time work through an On-the-Job Training Program, interview practice sessions, and personalized on-site job coaching. This plan not only addressed Nik’s professional development but also aimed to boost his overall confidence and independence.


Nik’s journey took a significant turn when he successfully secured an On-the-Job Training (OJT) opportunity at the Patrick Space Force Dining Hall, an AbilityOne contract employment site. Over the three-month OJT, Nik, with unwavering support from Dining Hall staff and his BAC Job Coach, developed the skills and confidence needed to work both independently and collaboratively.
As the OJT concluded, Nik’s growth and dedication were rewarded with a permanent part-time position at the dining hall. His success is not confined to the workplace alone, as reports indicate his newfound confidence extending to his social life. A testament to this transformation is Nik embarking on a weekend trip with friends and co-workers, marking a milestone in his personal growth.


Nik’s triumph serves as a beacon of hope, highlighting the transformative impact of BAC’s employment training services and programs. Together, BAC and its participants are building a future of inclusivity, opportunity, and growth, one success story at a time. Join us in making a difference, where every achievement is a testament to the potential within each individual.


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