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We do more so our customers can do more than they ever imagined.

BAC is a social enterprise dedicated to building communities that support members of unique abilities in growing their own personal success.


  • Join the BAC Team, where we employ hundreds of people with disabilities
  • Employ a BAC participant in your business
  • Empower persons with disabilities with a gift
  • Build a more inclusive community by advocating for persons with disabilities

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locations throughout the Southeast

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Through service excellence on our government and commercial contracts, Team BAC generates critical revenue that provides additional financial support for our own empowerment programs, which routinely experience funding shortfalls from traditional sources. This model allows every person who is part of BAC to have an active role in creating a more accessible, inclusive, positive world for people of all abilities.

Latest NEWS

BAC’s 10th Performing Arts Showcase

BAC’s 10th Performing Arts Showcase

Thank you for joining us at the 10th annual BAC Performing Arts Showcase, 'Together We Shine!' Sit back and enjoy our encore performance below.  BAC does not own the rights to the music presented in the above video, it is being used under the license of the...

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BAC’s Newest Venture Puts the “Care” in Customer Care

BAC’s Newest Venture Puts the “Care” in Customer Care

We are excited to announce the expansion of BAC's state-of-the-art call center. Spanning an impressive 4,000 square feet, this new facility represents our commitment to inclusivity and equal opportunities for individuals with disabilities. At the heart of this call...

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