Peter loves art. He loves to look at art and talk about art, but mostly he loves to make art.

Recently Peter mentioned to his Adult Day Training teachers at Brevard Achievement Center that although he loved the BAC Art Studio, he would love to attend a professional art class, in a professional studio.

Through the Dream. Wish. Wonder. program and the help of local artist Carol Muro, owner of Art More Place and Karen McDonald owner of Art and Soul Studio in Satellite Beach, Peter’s dreams were made a reality.

Carol instructed Peter in a private 2 hour lesson of fine arts. They went over things like pencil drawings and how to craft a portrait. At the conclusion of the lesson, Carol gave Peter a professional artists pencil and eraser set, a gift that he will treasure for years to come.

Carol states that “Our mission is to create a comfortable, casual, and friendly experience where our customers enjoy creating art, regardless of their artistic ability or lack of. To offer fun and affordable creative classes that stimulate, inspire and enrich. We believe art is for everyone and that everyone is a natural born artist!”

This dream come true was made possible through Brevard Achievement Center’s Dream. Wish. Wonder. program which strives to make something once thought impossible, possible.

Have you ever wished for something big, like really big? Travel the world in luxury, have immense wealth or be a famous movie star? The people served at BAC would probably love those things too, but their wishes are not quite as lofty. The aim of the Dream. Wish. Wonder. program is to bring these humble wishes to life for individuals with varying abilities.

While Peter’s dream was fulfilled, there are still many more wishes to grant. If you would like to help, your gift can make even more dreams come true. Visit

After the art lesson Peter stated “I was already a fine artist, but this professional class made me an even better portrait maker!” Peter was also treated lunch by BAC Staff members Maggie Schmitt and Lee Sorensen and he ordered a Ruben for the first time.

It is now his favorite sandwich.

Special Thanks to:
Carol Muro & Karen McDonald
Art and Soul Studio

Art More Place

664 S. Patrick Drive
Sattelite Beach, FL 32937


The mission of Brevard Achievement Center is to provide persons with disabilities innovative services and opportunities to achieve personal success.