15 years ago, Tracey came to BAC’s Adult Day Training Program. She became comfortable with the daily routine of working at BAC and consistently worked hard, but she struggled with handling emotionally charged situations.

The Industry Readiness Training (IRT) program staff believed they had the perfect solution to help Tracey. They felt IRT’s multidisciplinary approach would help her overcome some of her emotional and behavioral challenges, while also help her fulfill her desire to get and keep a job. They were right. Tracey credits the Industry Readiness Training Program in helping her “Dress for Success” and finding a housekeeping job she loves.

“My boss, PK at the Holiday Inn Express in Palm Bay, saw the work that I did at an IRT work training site and hired me for an On-the-Job Training experience,” says Tracey. “I was hired after the completion of the training and have been working on my own for 8 months as a Laundry Attendant and Housekeeper.” She goes on to say that through the IRT program she learned to be more efficient at her job. She is also more equipped to handle personal situations with her co-workers that may arise. She hopes to become a Hotel Manager or work at a Disney Resort.

Industry Readiness Training Program

IRT is More than Job Skills

Stacey S., Tracey’s Habilitation Counselor, says Tracey has improved in so many ways since she first began the program. “I am particularly proud of the way she approaches problems now. In the past her first reaction was to get defensive and defiant, causing problems to escalate. Now she approaches problems with the goal of solving them. She is able to ignore distractions, and handles working with peers in a much more professional manner. Tracey has identified what is important to her and has worked hard to make what she wants a reality.”

Tracey participated in Industry Readiness Training lessons that focused on Self-Awareness, Self-Advocacy and Self-Determination. She successfully completed a rotation of all four IRT work training sites and found she really enjoyed housekeeping. We are proud to say that through Tracey’s hard work with IRT, the backing received from her supports, and positive community involvement, Tracey has now achieved her goal of competitive employment in a job she enjoys.

Way to go Tracey!