Viera High School Student Jacob C. has always enjoyed making and fixing things. Recently refurbishing several guitars, Jacob expressed an interest in working in a music store. His dream came true when Brevard Achievement Center found Jacob an On-the-Job Training position after school at Wickham Road Music, located at 4900 N. Wickham Road in Melbourne.

Jacob is learning a great deal at his new position, working shifts on Monday and Thursday, as well as helping out periodically on the weekends. As part of his on-the-job training, he regularly tunes the guitars in the store and is learning to string and tune different models of guitars. When that work is complete, he chips in to clean the store, stock shelves, answer phones and greet customers. Jacob loves his job and several coworkers have described him as “awesome.” Experiences like this give students a chance to learn, and show employers what they have to offer.

Way to go Jacob!